A Home Designer

This is a field of Drafting and Design that is quite often overlooked. Many people equate this professional with a drafter or architect. This is actually a separate field where the designer was trained by another experienced home designer or by an architect as an apprentice.Most people believe that all they to need do is hire a draftsman to draw the plan that they have designed. The problem here is that a drafter is an illustrator who simply takes the ideas and sketches of another to create technical drawings. Unfortunately, a drafter may or may not posses the education and skills necessary to catch a code infraction, suggest a proper flow and layout to a home design, etc.Whereas, an architect has training to handle most large commercial or residential designs and many do not believe they should waste their time with small to medium residences. Sure, this professional is trained in all aspects of construction and design but there is a premium price to be paid in using their services.That is why there are trained home designers. In most cases, you will find the training and experience you will need to have a workable and functional house plan completed by this professional that will not only stand the test of the building inspector but also the test of the contractor in the construction field.A trained home designer should not only posses the ability to draw your plans, but also the education and experience to understand the building codes and what will or will not work functionally in a homes construction. He or she should also respect you enough to realize that the home they are drawing is yours and should reflect your wishes and your personality.

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The Best of Green Home Designs

Green home designs use materials, furniture, and accessories that are environmentally friendly or reusable. This type of design uses long lasting materials as well as those that can be renewed. Green home designs focus on recycling material and making sure that material is non-toxic. Green home designs use very few items that are brand new. Green materials such as cork, bamboo and eucalyptus are primarily use today in home design because they are earth friendly. For example, the extraction of the cork does not destroy the tree. Being green means that you will salvage or restore items whenever possible.There are so many options in today’s market for green flooring. These flooring materials can be sand down, painted, or refinished. All this can be done with using material that contains volatile organic compounds or VOC’s. The finishes and glue used for some floor installations can contain formaldehyde resins. It is important to use non-toxic materials with little to no VOC within the sealants, cleaners, finishes, adhesives, polishes, etc. As a result you will create a home that has less toxicity in the air and is healthier for the planet.Nothing is guaranteed 100%, so even buying materials with little to no VOC doesn’t assure you that it is completely safe. This is because there are so many chemicals produced today. Regardless of that, if you want to remodel your home using green home design techniques, you need to select products that are environmentally healthy.Every area of your home can benefit from green design. When constructing or renovating your home, be sure to install many windows, glass doors, skylights to allow the natural light to enter. These measures conserve energy and make the home bright and inviting. Concrete floors are very stylish, an come in many patterns, colors, and textures. This flooring is one of the greenest because you can install it without the uses of chemicals like glue or finishes. Concrete can also be used as kitchen counter tops, which have become very popular. They are natural in appearance and create a modern looking style. This material also works well in the bathroom and on the fireplace. Recycled glass is another option for green kitchens. This is a very versatile product that can come in different colors. Try recycled glass as a kitchen counter top, back splash, or even tiles. Recycled glass is a great alternative in green kitchen design. Green Building Supply provides recycled glass in various sizes. The prices range from $1,129.00 to $4,223.00 for 30″ x 54″ to 60″ x 108″ slabs, and each are 1 1/4″ thick. You choose from five different color palettes.Appliances are major purchases for you home. You need to think about function, and style, but most importantly energy saving capability. Whirlpool sells a Whirlpool Black 21.7 Energy Star Certified Side by Side Refrigerator for $765.00; item #ED2KVEXVB. Energy efficient appliances are readily available in the market today. It is actually very easy to to find appliance that save energy and water usage, and there is something for every budget. Be sure to recycle your old appliance properly.When planning green home design, install a lot insulation for your ceiling and walls. This the best way to help your house be energy efficient. Make sure the the insulation material is earth-friendly. High quality glass windows, doors, and skylight with multiple panes help to also conserve energy. The cost of energy is steadily increasing. Being energy conscious makes good economic sense. After your initial investment, you will save money, reducing the world’s exposure to harmful chemicals, and aid the environment.

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